Coinviewer 4 2019

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Hi guys,

two years ago I developed a little tool to track my alt coins and those of my friends and family. In the meantime I rewrote the code in python 3 and now I changed the logic. You now only have to input the coin name, the amount of coins you bought and the value of euros you invested for all of them. You then get an overview over your whole portfolio.

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For this software to run you need Python 3 and the tabulate library installed. You will find all the information how to configure and run the tool within the code itself or on the github readme file.


Python says I need the tabulate library installed?
Try sudo pip install tabulate on linux and pip install tabulate on Windows. (requires pip installed)


Name: Coinviewer
Date: 05/2019
Version: 4 (190528)


This little tool gives you an overview over all of your and your families or clients cryptocoins. You can add unlimited coinholders and unlimited coins, as long as they are listed at

Sources used are


Create a csv file named coins.csv with the following content format:

"Coin Name";"Coin Amount";"Total Investment Price in €"

How to run

python coins.csv

3rd-party libraries needed to run

sudo pip install tabulate

Further links:

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