Bulk Email List verification service comparison 2019

When you bought big email lists or your own data grew really fast over the years, you need to always keep your email lists updated to prevent yourself from being banned by the Email SMTP services for having high bounce rates.

I found the 10 biggest services and researched their prices. It is really expensive to keep your lists up to date.

Name Price per mail in $
https://quickemailverification.com 0,0007
https://www.towerdata.com/ 0,006
https://www.briteverify.com 0,0044
https://www.mailboxvalidator.com 0,0007
https://www.emailanswers.com/ 0,0007
https://www.bulkemailchecker.com/ 0,00041
https://www.emailverifierapp.com/ 0,0012
https://www.xverify.com/ 0,01
https://verifalia.com/ 0,065
https://emailtor.com 0,0003

I hope you enjoyed this comparison and if you have suggestions, please write in the comments.

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