Coinviewer v2.2 2018 (USD/EUR/BTC versions)

Hi guys,

I developed a little tool to track my altcoins and those of my friends and family. You just have to download the right version for you and put your coins into the csv file and you are good to go. I hope you can enjoy this little piece of software and if you have improvement suggestions, hints, questions or something else, do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. Happy trading, my friends.

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For this software to run you need Python version 2.7 and the tabulate library installed. You will find all the information how to configure and run the tool within the code itself.


Python says I need the tabulate library installed?
Try sudo pip install tabulate on linux and pip install tabulate on Windows. (requires pip installed)

How can i run the script?
Run it from the command line using python “yourcsvfile.csv”

How has the csv file to be formatted?
“Coin Name”;”Coin Amount”;”Investment Coin Price”

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