I’ve got a great idea for a product/service, what now?

Sorry to burst your bubble but ideas are cheap. Ideas are worth zero dollars. Everyone has an idea for the next Snuggy, the next Facebook, the next McDonalds. Having the money and knowledge to execute an idea is rare, and that is where the power lies. If you truly believe you have a great idea, you need to partner with… Read more »

What are some good general business books to read in 2019?

There’s probably about a couple dozen must reads for the businessman. People debate on what’s good and what is shit. Kiyosaki’s stuff seems helpful but obvious. 48 Laws of Power was decent. Some people like The Richest Man in Babylon and The Millionaire Next Door. Here is a quick no bullshit list: 1. Rework Most business books give you the… Read more »

I want to get into stocks, can you give me the basics?

First of all, the stock market is almost gambling. Almost. When you put money in, know damn well you could lose all of it. There are safe investments, somewhat safe investments, and risky investments. The good thing about the stock market is, if you stay in long enough, with enough stocks you are basically guaranteed to make money. The problem… Read more »

I want to start a business, where do I begin?

The ultimate evolution of a salesman is to start a company. When a man learns to sell it’s like a baby learning to crawl, when a man starts his own company it’s like that baby walking on two feet. Sales skills directly translate to starting a business. That being said you can’t start a business without experience in the thing… Read more »