What is akrasia?

   01/26/2017    No Comments on What is akrasia?

What the fuck is akrasia? It means ‘the state of mind in which someone acts against their better judgment through weakness of will’. Let me tell you how it fucks your shit up. Procrastination is akrasia’s major symptom, and it’s effects aren’t just a lot of last minute panic. You usually put things off so you can enjoy fun things… Read more »

What is the best advice of happily married people?

A new survey of people in long time relationships to the world: Love is an action, not an emotion. There will be times when the warm fuzzies are ubiquitous, and times when they aren’t. Show love and demonstrate it, even when you don’t “feel” it. Life with two humans is inherently complicated, and the feelings are going to eventually come… Read more »

Your thoughts affect who you become

The more positively you think, the better you’ll be, the more negatively you think, the worse you’ll be. Our brains are made of “circuits.” These circuits change daily/overnight. We can/do rewire our brains, intentionally or unintentionally. This is done by thinking. Any thought you have. Good, bad, in the middle, whatever. We can use some common sense here. More good… Read more »

How to masturbate as a woman

It’s helpful to realise first of all that masturbating can actually add to your orgasmic capacity. The more frequently you experience orgasms, the easier they are to have and to have more of. If you’re pre-orgasmic, and that means you’ve never, or only rarely, experienced an orgasm, you may enjoy and benefit from my book and audio called ‘Achieving Fabulous… Read more »

Choose yourself to wealth

This article describes James Altucher’s book “The Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth”. James Altucher is a dangerous man, because he states the following things: – Don’t go to college – Don’t buy a car – Don’t buy a house – Don’t put too much money in the stock market – Quit your job Why is a mentor like him saying… Read more »