Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future by Peter Thiel (Zero to one)

This time I will discuss the book “Zero to one” by Peter Thiel. He’s probably best known as one of the founders of Pay Pal, but he’s also an investor in Facebook and many other big companies. What does the term zero to one mean. Basically it’s talking about innovation to go from one to n. To create something new…. Read more »

How to become a gentleman or at least a decent human being

I’m going to cover a few topics I found reading the book Fifty Things Every young gentleman should know by John Bridges and Brian Curtis. I’d like to say, that most of these tips are manners and etiquette and many of the ladies watching could benefit from this book also. Now this article is going to be a bit different,… Read more »

What to learn for life from Tai Lopez’ 67 steps program

I am showing you now, what I learned from Tai Lopez. I learned a lot. So I’m not going to go into everything because that’s just retelling the sixty seven steps but I think what I can do is sum up how this affected me in general. I think the one key concept from the sixty seven steps is always… Read more »

Budgeting – A simple guide to save money everyday

There are many simple possibilities to spend less money every day and increase the money input on the other hand. Before you do anything else, take out a paper and a pen and note down everything you bought in the last 30 days. It won’t be easy to remember all of these purchases, so you will decide to install an… Read more »