Hi folks, I am Alex. I studied informatics (computer science) in germany. Since I was little, I loved to read books and watch videos or talk to other people about SELF IMPROVEMENT. It just feels really right to get new skills, improve the existing ones and learn something new in general. Also in the past I worked as a teacher for kids at my former school, showing them how to create their own websites and how to do a little programming.

I am good at creating websites, since this is what I do professionally among studying for university, and constantly reading books and taking notes about topics like time management, fitness, combat techniques, social interaction, dating, meditation, personal finance, learning new languages – basically every topic to improve the quality of life, you name it. Also I think I am a decent teacher, so last year I thought to myself, why not combine all this and create a web portal, where I write about the things I learned and give other people the possibility to earn knowledge for free while it is compressed into little chunks of text articles, audio and video podcasts, so they do not have to invest too much time in the progress?!

So in 2015 the idea for was born. I bought hosting and a premium theme, installed it, bought some important and good plugins and configured everything. And now we are here…


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